Do Age Differences Really Matter?

You may not think that mature London escorts such as me would worry about age differences but I do. The problem is that I think that I have fallen in love with one of my regular London escorts clients. You would have thought that a girl like me would have plenty of experience and know what to do, but to be honest, I don’t have a clue what to do. It would be less of a problem if my date was the same age as me, but he is not. In fact, Tom is 70 years old. The moment we met on a London escorts of date, I knew that there was something special about Tom. He seemed a lot younger than his age, and when he told me that he was 70 years old, I was a bit taken back. During my time with London escorts, I have met many men around his age. They have not been anything like Tom. I would even go as far as to say that Tom is 70 years young not 70 years old. Do I have a lot in common with Tom? Tom is the only guy that I have met at London escorts and felt that I have something in common with on a personal basis. Sure, I have met many men on London escorts and enjoyed their company, but they have not been like Tom. He takes me out for the day or even on holiday with him. Tom likes to do many of the same things that I do. Even doing the simplest thing together with Tom is a pleasure. Has Tom asked me to leave London escorts? No, Tom has not asked me to leave London escorts. But, that being said, I think that it is sort of on the tip of his tongue. Sometimes when we are out together, he looks at me in a funny way. It feels like he is about to ask me something. I often wonder what that is. Maybe I should ask him, but I do feel that Tom is a little bit shy. He is not shy in a bad sort of way, it feels a lot like he tries to respect my integrity if you know what I mean. I have never met a man who is as nice as Tom. He seems to listen to what I have to say and loves to make me feel special. Before Tom came along, I actually thought about leaving London escorts and doing something else. However, since I have been dating Tom, I have not been thinking about ending my London escorts career. I am really worried about losing contact with Tom. Am I reading too much into the situation? I do think that there are times when I simply read too much into what Tom is trying to tell me. Is he in love with me? I like to do think so, but I am too scared to ask him just incase he says no. Could it be that Tom is in love with someone else and not me?

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