Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter campaign has taken London by storm. Of course, Black London escorts are interested in the campaign, but at the same time, there are many Black London escorts who ask if we need this now. At the moment, we are in the middle of a serious epidemic which is affecting not only Black people but all other nationalities living in London as well. Street protests is a good idea, but they are not the right idea at the moment. Instead, we should focus on All Lives Matter.

The right thing to do at the moment would be to put discuss the problem. But, getting together in street protests is not helping at the moment. Yes, it is terrible that Black people are killed in the United States by the American police, but others are being killed as well. One of the girls who work for the London escorts agency we spoke to, said that the US has a fundamental problem with police violence. She has also seen many other colors being harassed by the police in the US. It is one of the reasons she returned to London and London escorts.

Slavery was a terrible thing, but it happened a long time ago. Yes, there were some white people who bought and sold slaves, but so did many other nations. For instance, the Arabs also bought and sold slaves. How far do you take it? Most London escorts think that it is better that we learn by our mistakes instead of tearing down statues. Yes, London escorts think it is unfair that people were treated differently in the past, but things have changed a lot since those days.

Do we need to follow everything that happens in the United States? Yes, it is important to show a united front against violence. But, it also makes you wonder if we need to follow everything that happens in the United States. After all, the United States is one of the most violent countries in the world. Violence breeds violence and that is something that we all should be concerned about. London escorts are not for violence at all. They believe that a peaceful life is much better.

What is the future of the Black Lives Matter movement? It has certainly gained a lot of moment. Of course, we should all have equal rights and many of us do have equal rights. There are many men in London who prefer to date Black London escorts. At the same time, there are men who like to date exotic and white London escorts. Yes, we should talk about these things but violent action does not help anybody. We all have to share this planet and learn how to get on with each other. And yes, at this time of crisis, the truth is that all lives matter and we should take that into account. We have many things to be concerned about at the moment and we need to beat this virus.